Besucherzentrum Mallnitz des Nationalpark Hohe Tauern


Learning from nature

For the first time, workshops can now be booked at the new ‘rangerlabs’, and the motto is ‘learning from nature’. Our ‘rangerlabs’ are research laboratories where you can explore, experiment and conduct all sorts of tests under the supervision of our National Park Rangers.


The ‘rangerlabs’ workshops offer three exciting topics:

"inspiration nature"

"concrete climate"




Adults: € 15.00

Children (aged 6 to 15) and pupils: € 9.00

rangerlabs can also be booked by groups (8 or more).

Registration by 4 pm the previous day is required for rangerlabs on set dates during the summer months. These can also be booked by individual participants.

At present the rangerlabs workshops are available in German only. For groups, we do also offer outdoor guided tours in the National Park in English. For more information -> CONTACT


During summer the following rangerlab is offered on set dates:

rangerlab herbs: every Tuesday from 11.07. to 05.09.2023, 10.30am to 2pm

  • rangerlabs in the summer months

    Our rangerlabs can be booked by individual participants, families and school classes. Registration by 4 pm the previous day is required.

    Exciting workshops with our rangers for you and your family on topics such as Climate, Bionics or Herbs.

    This programme is free of charge for holders of the National Park Carinthia Card (please note: this only applies to the NPCC, not the Carinthia Card).



    Registration and information


    National Park Hohe Tauern Carinthia

    Mallnitz Visitor Centre

    9822 Mallnitz 36 / Austria

    Tel: +43 (0) 4825 6161



  • rangerlab

    inspiration nature


    What are bionics? How is it that a larch tree is able to withstand the wind? What can we learn from bearded vultures, hawks and marmots? Together we’ll explore nature’s ingenious tricks and come up with ideas for new technological achievements.



  • rangerlab

    concrete climate


    What is climate and how do the seasons actually occur? Why is the forest a ‘climate protector’? What causes landslides, mudslides and rockfalls, and what does it have to do with climate change? Simulations and experimental stations provide an introduction to a world full of exciting enigmas involving the weather and the climate.



  • NEW rangerlab



    What kind of plants grow in the National Park? How can they be used? In the laboratory we’ll process plants collected beforehand and then scrutinise them under a magnifying glass. Together we’ll study the exciting world of herbs from the Hohe Tauern National Park.